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Do you need a ColdFusion expert to enhance and troubleshoot your existing ColdFusion website?

We want to be your ColdFusion partner! To be the company you call for website features or support. We have specialized in ColdFusion support since 2001 for over one hundred companies ranging from national retail chains and eCommerce companies to local startups and mom and pop businesses. We have the knowledge to answer your most technical ColdFusion questions and the morals to provide you with solutions that meet your business needs… not ours.

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Your project needs a team of ColdFusion Developers with expert knowledge of ColdFusion

There is a lot more to a project than banging out ColdFusion code. Security, source control, deployment, disaster recovery, code rollback, performance testing, stress/load testing, functional testing, code audits, PCI compliance, SSL, open source alternatives, caching, database, error handling, server maintenance, ColdFusion software hotfixes, ColdFusion/SQL/Web log analysis, application/server monitoring, redundancy/backups, reporting, page load/performance, and server load to name a few.

Questions you need answers to

  • Is your website and database being backed up? How often? Is it backed up as an image/snapshot? Can you replicate the server?
  • How long would it take to recreate the environment in case of drastic hardware failure?
  • Do you use Source Control? Who manages the repository?
  • Do you use any ticketing software to manage bugs and improvements to the website or is it done through email?
  • What do your ColdFusion/Database/Web Server logs look like? How often are they reviewed?
  • What version of ColdFusion are you using? Does your ColdFusion software have the latest Adobe security patches? Standard or enterprise license?
  • What is the process for rolling back a recent change to the website? What about something that was done 2 years ago?
  • Is there any application/server monitoring software installed on the server? How often is this reviewed?
  • Are you using ColdFusion CFC caching in your applications?
  • Do you use SSL? Are you PCI compliant? When was the last PCI audit?
  • How comfortable are you in the Indexing of your data tables? Does anyone perform routine improvements to tables and queries?

We can’t do everything…. but what we do we do well


  • ColdFusion development
  • ColdFusion support
  • Application and server monitoring
  • Server maintenance and support
  • Frameworks including CFWheels, ColdBox, Fusebox, ColdSpring, and Mach-ii.
  • ColdFusion components
  • Code audits
  • Security
  • eCommerce
  • Content Management Systems
  • Customer Relation Management

Website Development

  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
  • Online interaction (surveys, forums, blogs)
  • Responsive design (computers, tablets, smart phones)
  • Cross browser compatibility (Chrome, Safari, Explorer, Firefox)
  • Google Analytics
  • CSS 3
  • HTML 5
  • JavaScript/jQuery

3rd Party API’s

  • Paypal/Authorize.net
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google + (OpenID)
  • RSS, Blogs
  • Vendor specific API’s (have worked with many custom)


  • MySQL and SQL Server custom development
  • Indexes, stored procedures, triggers
  • Optimizing, backup, recovery, mirroring

We have been providing ColdFusion Development and ColdFusion Support Services since 2002 on hundreds of projects. Please call Noah today at (206) 486-5998 for a free consultation.

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